Pater Noster Rebellionis

This is the Pater Noster Rebellionis (Our Father of Rebellion). Which is obviously a blasphemous spin on the Pater Noster or Our Father prayer. This is done in Latin to connect to a magical language.Pater noster qui es in infernoRebellio nomen tuumImperium meum venietFiat voluntas meain terra, in caelo et in infernoMaleficia nostra quotidianum da... Continue Reading →

Daily rite of Jupiterian Blessing

This is a sample from our wonderful Sorcerers Sermon, Jupiters Beneficence.What follows is some simple energy work to connect to Jupiter and bring his influence into your sphere. Best performed daily in the Hour of Jupiter. Failing that, any time of the day. Vowel Sounds used: Y (EAW, like as is in EW gross!), IAO (EE-AH-OH) Get... Continue Reading →

Rose of Jericho Care

Taking Care of Your Rose of Jericho North Witch Magick Co.Get your very own rose of Jericho here. The Rose of Jericho is definitely one of the coolest house plants a person could own! It gets its name “The Resurrection Plant” for its ability to “come back to life” after completely drying up!    Basic Care For Your Rose... Continue Reading →

Chaplet to Lucifer

After doing several attunements to Lucifer, he presented to me a lovely chaplet to call upon his energy which I personally find very powerful and gratifying. This connects you to his energies as the bright and morning star, the bringer of light. May you find use for this and enjoy it as much as I do. If... Continue Reading →

HGA Rosary Working

There has been a lot of chatter online lately about Damon Brand's new book on the Holy Guardian Angel. After reading the book I realized there was a need for something solid for people to use as a daily practice in regards to connecting to their Angel. This is something I have been doing daily... Continue Reading →

Prayer to the ancestors

This is the prayer and petition from our ancestor novena, may it serve you well! In a pinch you can use any candle with this prayer. We recommend dressing with a Mercury oil such as this one from lucky mojo, or a mercury herb for communication such as nutmeg, mullein, lily of the valley, lavender, or honeysuckle. An... Continue Reading →

A prayer to St. Cyprian for Guidance

Holy St. CyprianSorcerer, Martyr, and Mage,Open the paths to grace,That I may in sorcery engage,Your holy secrets I embrace,Teach me to walk the worlds between,heaven and hell, and shadow and light,Show me the power that you have seen,Bring out in me my inner sight,I come to you with a humble request,that you guide me to... Continue Reading →

Bringing energy to balance 6

The day 6 meditation was an idea that my Fiance came up with and it was an amazing experience. If you like this one, you may enjoy some of her work and ramblings over at Why don’t bats have feathers. The concept is rather simple really, but an area I hadn’t explored in my own personal... Continue Reading →

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