Daily rite of Jupiterian Blessing

This is a sample from our wonderful Sorcerers SermonJupiters Beneficence.

What follows is some simple energy work to connect to Jupiter and bring his influence into your sphere.

Best performed daily in the Hour of Jupiter. Failing that, any time of the day.

Vowel Sounds used: Y (EAW, like as is in EW gross!), IAO (EE-AH-OH)

Get into trance, deep belly breathing, 4 fold breath is recommended.

Begin by Vibrating the Y(EAW) Vowel sound 4x or 44x you want to really feel this vibrate through your whole body.

Once you have this feeling established visualize a bright blue sphere high up in the sky and Vibrate IAO (EE-AHHHH-OHHHH) 7x seeing it get bigger and brighter each time you do.

Once again vibrate Y (EAW) 4x or 44x each time seeing the ball getting bigger and brighter, and flashing with lightning and thunder.

Pull the energy ball from the heavens down into your body through your crown and down into your heart center.

Vibrate Y(EAW) 4x or 44x, as you do so let the lightning and thunder permeate your entire body, aura, and space, surrounding you in a brilliant blue flash of lightning and thunder.

Once you have this established Call to Jove!

Hymn to Jupiter 4x:
Jove great and mighty, king of all the world, Your great thunderbolts, clear the way where they’re hurled, Inside me may your lightning strike and burn, Filling me with desire and towards prosperity, I shall yearn, Charge me with a passion for growing an empire, great like you, May your strength fill my body and become mine, In every endeavour I undertake, like the sun, make me shine, May my life be filled with bounty, may my days be blessed, Sow abundance and prosperity in my path, and guide me to do the rest, Clear any obstacles, open all doors, make level the path before me, Grant me your blessings, your favour, and boons, let me live care free, Show me the ways to live like a king, grant long life, happy and filled with prosperity, Give me boundless good luck and plentiful health, Take care of my needs and bless me with abundant wealth. Jove great honoured king of the gods, I raise my glass in gratitude and thanks for turning the odds!

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