Prayer to the ancestors

This is the prayer and petition from our ancestor novena, may it serve you well!

In a pinch you can use any candle with this prayer. We recommend dressing with a Mercury oil such as this one from lucky mojo, or a mercury herb for communication such as nutmeg, mullein, lily of the valley, lavender, or honeysuckle.

An orange candle is best if you are not using one of our novenas.

If you don’t have a planetary oil, you can use olive oil as the carrier for the herbs and consecrate it on the day and hour of Mercury. The day of mercury is Wednesday and to calculate the hour for free check out planetary hours here.

Simple consecration:
“I cleanse, charge, bless, consecrate, and empower this oil by the name and authority of Mercury! Thou art Mercury! May thou bring me visions and communication from beyond the veil”
Then anoint your candle with the oil and herb mixture.

You can then burn the candle on your ancestral altar any time you wish to commune with your ancestors.

The prayer:

I uplift you my ancestors,
Guides, healers, and protectors,
Please walk beside me (insert name),
Child of your lineage.

Be with me in this moment,
and for all time,
please guide me,
Protect me,
and lead me in this life.

May you hear my petition,
and honour my prayers.
May you bring me good fortune,
health, wealth, and prosperity,
so that I may honour our lineage
and grow our legacy.

Hear my plea:
(insert your petition here)

I have not forgotten my lineage,
and I vow to never forget those
whose blood is my blood,
whose roots are my roots,
and whose bones are my bones.

With love and gratitude,
I burn this candle in your honour.

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