A note on petitions

An answer to a student I gave today about petitions that is useful for everyone.

Always try to be specific with your petitions otherwise unforeseen things can occur. Magic is like water, it will take the quickest easiest path always.

So for example instead of saying:

“I want my boyfriend to have the most amount of time to spend with me as possible.”

Say something like:

“My boyfriend is happily employed at a place where he makes a thriving wage, and has a schedule that allows us to spend evenings and weekends together.”

Do you see the difference? One is a want and carries a sense of lack. The other is a statement of intent and possession. One is leaving the road to being fired on the table, and the other is ensuring his employment is gainful at reduced hours.

The latter may lead to changes in employment as well, but it is far more likely to either be a promotion, raise, or new job offer, rather than losing their job.

Without guidance and specificity, the magick and spirits take the path of least resistance. In this case. Getting the most time with your boyfriend means him not having to go to work. Being specific matters.

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