Feminine in nature
Element of Earth
Planet: Venus or the Moon
Ruled by either Taurus or Libra

Magical Properties: This plant, also referred to as a psychic or moon herb, is thought to improve psychic dreaming and divination. It is said to have safeguarding and protective qualities. Mugwort is believed to protect against wounds, exhaustion, and poisons in European folklore. To prevent weariness on lengthy treks, Romans would apply this herb to their shoes. Mugwort’s primary application in folk magic is for psychic visions and dream prophecies. Lucid dreaming and astral travel are made possible by this herb’s psychedelic qualities.

Non-Magical Properties: Its non-magical properties include controlling menstruation and soothing the digestive tract, particularly while fatty foods are being digested.

Mugwort can be used topically, consumed orally, or it can be smoked. Incenses for divination and psychedelic teas also include Mugwort.

The Goddess Artemis, who provides solace (or death) to mothers in labour, holds all types of Artemesia in high regard. Hekate, the patron saint of herbalists and midwives, and Diana via association, also both hold Mugwort as a sacred herb and as such it may be used in the workings of these lunar goddesses. Mugwort is linked to the moon, which is linked to the many phases of a witch’s life.

Some claim that having mugwort in your bedroom or beneath your pillow may promote prophetic dreams. Try stuffing mugwort into a pillow to enhance your dreams. We also encourage adding star anise, bay leaf, and dandelion root, this mixture makes a lovely dream time tea, or incense for those who are not childbearing. Others claim that in order to take advantage of its consciousness-altering effects, you must burn it or smoke it. As you utilize divination tools to aid in opening your mind to any messages flowing in, burn mugwort in an incense burner. Mugwort can be burned as a fumigant for protection or divination or used as a sacred smoking plant. In a ceremonial setting, it is safe to smoke (as safe as smoking anything is) alone, in combination with tobacco, mullein, or with other smokeable herbs. It may also improve lucid dreaming, astral projection, and other altered states of consciousness.

Remember that mugwort is closely linked to ragweed and that the blossoms may cause some allergies if you decide to keep it in your bedroom.

In some parts of North America, mugwort is regarded as an invasive species. Before planting, be sure to check your state or province’s rules as some have strict penalties for planting particular species.

Mugwort shouldn’t be used continuously for longer than a week. Mugwort use that is habitual and ongoing can result in convulsions, liver damage, and nervous system issues.

In those who are susceptible, mugwort flower pollen can cause hay fever attacks. Some people are allergic to mugwort on their skin. Before using, test a little on your skin.

Mugwort can produce uterine contractions and can pass via the mother’s milk, so it should never be used internally during pregnancy, lactation, or by anybody who has pelvic inflammatory disorders.

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