Cyprian Feast Days Novena

9 day cyprian novena

To be begun September 17th and carried on for 9 days.

You will need a vigil candle, ideally purple, but black or white will also work.

If you don’t have a vigil, you may use a taper or pillar candle each day. Daily offerings of wine, incense, and whatever you feel compelled to give are required. 9 is cyprians sacred number.

Preliminary before all prayers:

The call of the sorcerous saint

By the power, authority, and grace
of she who birthed the bringer of light,
I conjure the sorcerous saint to this place,
Enter now into this witches sight,
You who were devoted to the morning star,
In both his forms, light and dark,
You who know the witches sacred arte,
Who walks between the worlds, grand hierarch
Who can summon souls after they depart,
He who knows the sacred spells and incantations,
The one who partakes of mass and sabbat both,
Who mastered the sorcery of all the nations,
I summon you forth to fulfill your oath,
You who were sworn to the king of night,
The evening star of Lucifer,
Then gave your life for the king of light,
The morning star of Lucifer,
Come to me now in the name of the mother,
Come to me now in the name of the king of kings,
Teach to me the sacred spells mastered by no other,
Guide me as I walk the path that power brings,
Awaken my senses, and open my sight,
Free me from all malefica and perfidies,
Remove all bonds that constrain me heavy or light,
Heal my body and mind of all infirmities,
Protect me from all black arts and evil intents,
Place confusion in the minds of my enemies,
Reduce them to dust, spread them thin with the four winds,
Wash them down to the four rivers of hades,
Preserve me from the darkness and their sins.

Do the holy st. cyprian 9x:
Holy St. Cyprian, mage, martyr, and mystic; theurge, thaumaturge, and theophoros; saint, sorcerer, and sage! Pray for us now, and at the hour of our death. Amen.

**Insert the novena prayers for each day here.**

**End each of the following novena prayers with the Pater Noster Rebellionis**

pater noster rebellionis

Pater noster qui es in inferno
Rebellio nomen tuum
Imperium meum veniet
Fiat voluntas mea
in terra, in caelo et in inferno
Maleficia nostra quotidianum da nobis hodie
Et confirma magicae mea
Maledica eis qui operantur adversum me
Nunc deduc me in potestatem
et líbera me a malo

Quia tuum est regnum
et potestas et gloria,
in saecula,


For an English translation see our blog here.

Day 1

Holy St. Cyprian
Sorcerer, Martyr, and Mage,
Open the paths to grace,
That I may in sorcery engage,
Your holy secrets I embrace,
Teach me to walk the worlds between,
heaven and hell, and shadow and light,
Show me the power that you have seen,
Bring out in me my inner sight,
I come to you with a humble request,
that you guide me to be my magikal best,
be my teacher, mentor, and guide,
‘tween above and below remove the divide.

Day 2

Holy St. Cyprian
Sorcerer, Martyr, and Mage,
Protect me from the malice of my enemies,
That I may grow old and become a sage,
Unravel all malefica, crossed conditions, and perfidies,
That I may walk freely on the crooked path,
To find my way back to the holy mother,
May those who work against me be subject to your wrath,
You who are sworn to the great queens brother,
Cleanse away all iniquity and sin,
Teach me to protect those who stand alone,
Ignite the sorcerous spark I have within,
Guide me on my way back to the witch queens throne.

Day 3

Holy St. Cyprian
Necromancer, Bishop, Sorcerer, and Sage,
Grant me your divine protection and grace,
Remove all obstacles that put me in a cage,
Awaken my inner witch fire, now in this place,
That I may exert my will upon the earthly plane,
Grant me long life, happiness and health,
That I may protect others from the profane,
With this grant me boons, prosperity and wealth,
That I may have the means to lift others out of the pit,
Teach me to lead others to happiness and grace,
May I never encounter the rabid dog and be bit,
Guide me to the witch kings holy embrace.

Day 4

Holy St. Cyprian,
Theurge, thaumaturge, and theophoros,
Help me become witched and Phosphoros,
Use your power to awaken the witch fire within,
Free me from persecution, and the enemies sin,
Awaken within me the divine spark,
That I may on the crooked path embark,
With your crosure, pull down the divine,
Command the unholy, help me to weave my design,
Empower my sorcery, and guide my spells,
Whether they conjure forth heaven, or command the hells,
May my spells become yours,
That they may be true to their course,
You who serve the king and queen,
Be my intercessor, you who walk the worlds between.

Day 5

Holy St. Cyprian,
Sorcerer, Saint, and Go Between,
Ignite within me the sacred spark so I may be seen,
By spirits, ghouls, angels, devils, and daemons too,
By lost souls, the dead, and all those commanded by you,
Open up my indigo eye, and stoke my emerald flame,
I ask this of you now in the witch kings name,
Sharpen my senses, that I may see the spirits and spells,
Let me be seen by everything in the heavens and the hells.

Day 6

Holy St. Cyprian,
Saint, Witch, Sorcerer, and Sage,
You who signed your name on the witch kings page,
I summon you forth in the name of the mother,
I ask you to empower me, you who are sworn to her brother,
Strengthen my sorcery, make me a witch,
Open my senses, that I may serve the black bitch,
Destroy all blocks keeping me from divine power,
Cleanse me of all perfidies and bindings this hour,
Speak to me in dreams of prophecy,
That I may be guided by what you show me,
To walk the path between the heavens and the hells,
Be my teacher and guide me to master the sacred spells.

Day 7

Holy St. Cyprian,
You who partake of mass and sabbat both,
Come to me now and accept my offerings and troth,
I wish to be your sorcerous disciple and priest,
Attend me now and accept this feast,
Show me signs that I cannot miss,
That I have been accepted as your apprentice,
Guide me by omen, sign, and dream,
Let me enter now, into your sorcerous stream.

Day 8

Holy St. Cyprian,
Come to me now and bestow upon me your grace,
Grant me sercerous power now in this place,
Teach me to command angels and devils alike,
Teach me to protect myself, and how to strike,
That I may guide others to power and grace,
Just as you did once you saw the witch kings true face,
Grant me prosperity and necessary wealth,
That I may aid others, and preserve their health,
Teach me to unweave the profane and destroy every black art,
That I may carry the power of the king and queen in my heart.

Day 9

Holy St. Cyprian,
Sage, Sorcerer, Saint, and Intercessor,
Protect me from mine enemy and aggressor,
Heal my mind, and my heart,
That I may master the witches arte,
Awaken the power hidden within,
And free me from iniquity and sin,
Grant to me the witches sight,
That I may commune with the spirits of night,
Light the flame I have deep inside,
Be my master, my teacher, and guide!

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