Mabon 2022

Sun: 0º Libra ♎︎
Moon: Leo ♌︎
Exact Calendar Date: Thursday September 22, 2022 9:04 PM

Mabon occurs when the sun appears in the sign of the scales at 0 degrees Libra on September 22nd when the Autumnal Equinox occurs. This is Midautumn in old-time calendars with the end of Autumn/beginning of Winter coming in October on Samhain when the Sun is 15 degrees Scorpio. In 2022 this puts Samhain on November 7th.

In traditional witchcraft, we celebrate Mabon as the peak power of Autumn with it being the equinox and stuck directly in the middle of autumn in the calendars of old. This is a time for Harvesting, fortifying, preparing for darkness, protection, hunting, storing, cutting things off, and destruction. Being that this ends up with Sun in Libra it is also a good time for works pertaining to wedlock, partnerships under contract, any legal issues, and the legal system, including business agreements, leases, divorces, and criminal court cases. spells to make sure someone gets their just desserts. It’s a fantastic time to cast charms to improve sex and passion, encourage positive reactions to plays, concerts, and other performances, support hobbies, succeed in sports, and cast spells involving your favourite animals while the moon is in Leo.

Here at North Witch, we like to leverage the most out of the day so we suggest using correspondences from the sun, the moon, and the autumn altogether. Below we have a simple candle spell for you that leverages all three. Enjoy!

Holy Water
1 black candle
1 white candle
Athame or Candle scribe
Pumpkin spice
Olive oil

Exorcise and consecrate each of the materials, sprinkle with holy water and cense in incense then do the following.

Draw a banishing earth pentagram in indigo flame over each material while saying:

I exorcise this (insert material) by the power of the goddess of the moon and the god of the sun, so it is, my will is done.

Draw an invoking earth pentagram in indigo flame over each material while saying:

“I consecrate and bless this (insert material) for sorcerous use by the power of the goddess of the moon and the god of the sun, so it is, my will is done.”

Carve the sigil of the Sun and Libra into the black candle:

and the sigil of the Moon and Leo into the white candle:

Carve your name into each candle and then lick your thumb and seal the wax with your saliva.

Dress the white candle from top to bottom with olive oil, and dress the black candle from bottom to top.

Roll the black candle through some pepper while saying:
“As this candle gets coated in pepper black, may any malefica that affects me be sent back, as the pepper has a firey bite, I remove all perfidies and end the fight.

Roll the black candle through some salt while saying:
“As this candle is covered with salt around, I drive all crossed conditions into the ground, as this wax is sealed in, may I be protected from my enemies sin.”

Roll the white candle in the pumpkin spice while saying:
“By cinnamon and clove, nutmeg and ginger root, may abundance come swiftly and take root, May cinnamon draw prosperity from all around, may clove increase my luck so I may be crowned, Ginger heat the work and make it quick, Nutmeg open the way so my spell will stick. Oh herbal spirits four, protect me now and bring abundance swiftly through the door.”

Present the black candle to the four directions:
“May this candle be empowered by elements four, may the winds blow away my problems until they are no more, may the four rivers wash the darkness off of me, grant me protection and safety. Empower this witch’s candle black, to send my enemies’ malice back. As wrongly now the scale does lean, may the scales of justice make things right before Halloween.”

Present the white candle to the four directions:
“May this spell be brought to life before the snow, winds and rivers carry it to where it needs to go, money come abundant and quick, may the doors be opened so my spell may stick, allow me to benefit from the harvest boon, may it come swift before the next full moon. I call to the great lion of fire, go forth now and fulfill this witch’s desire.”

Light the black candle and say:
“By the power of the goddess of the moon and the god of the sun, I am cleansed and protected and my will is done.”

Light the white candle and say:
“By the power of the goddess of the moon and the god of the sun, abundance and prosperity are now mine and my will is done.”

Give offerings and thanks to the winds, rivers, god, and goddess, then give a license to depart.

We usually offer a harvest beverage such as wine, mead, or ale, along with some freshly baked bread from the harvest, and some incense.

License to depart:
“I give thanks and gratitude to all who attended this rite, take your fill of these offerings on this night, merry did we meet and merry do we part, may we be at peace in home and heart.”

Allow your candles to burn down completely.

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