Experimenting with Bune

BUNE (boo-n)

He changes the place of the dead and marshals the demons that are under his power to gather together upon those sepulchres. Bune makes men eloquent and wise, and gives true answers to their demands and also richness. He speaks with a comely high voice. This indicates that Bune is a wonderful spirit for spirit work, grave work, and glamour work where one needs to be charismatic, wisdom can come in many forms and often as a test so be careful with this one, he is also clearly able to answer questions regarding spirit work, grave work, glamour, charisma, eloquence, wisdom, and how to make money and riches. The primary function most people use him for is, of course, to gain money, commerce, prosperity, abundance, and treasures. Another thing I have found him useful for is giving eloquence of speech when needed for presentations or events.

We will contact Bune using the following method.

1. Scan the witches’ runes in the outer circle going clockwise from the apex of the triangle at the top. They are read left to right just like Latin letters. Just let your eyes scan across the runes starting on the right third, scan slowly left to right, then go to the bottom third, and scan slowly left to right, then the left third and scan slowly left to right.

2. Scan the witches’ runes in the triangle, going clockwise around from the apex, scanning them slowly left to right, first with the right side, then the bottom, then left.

3. Stare at the top sigil in the top triangle, the sigil of lucifer and scan it slowly clockwise. Then do the same for the bottom right for Beelzebub, and the bottom left for Astaroth respectively.

4. Scan the runes in the square, left to right again, starting with the top, then the bottom, then the right, then the left.

5. Stare at the sigil of Bune in the center of the inner circle, and think about what it is that you want, how you feel now that you don’t have it, and let yourself feel the lack.

6. Speak these words of power:




7. Stare at the sigil in the center and say:



“Bune, come to me Bune, I summon stir and call you forth. Come to me and aid me in my request.”

Repeat this next part 3x, and make sure your petition is 2 sentences or less and you have it written down so it is said the same way each time. I also recommend writing it in the present tense as if you already have what it is you are wanting.

3x “It is my will that (insert your petition), thank you Bune for doing this for me now, immediately and without delay.”

8. Stare at the sigil in the center, visualize yourself as already having what it is you asked for and feel gratitude and thanks that it has come to you. Allow gratitude to fill your entire body and mind.

9. Give an offering of incense, a candle, a beverage, or whatever else you feel compelled to give, and say:

“Hail Bune! I offer you this gift as a sign of gratitude and thanks, in good faith that you will complete this task for me in the name of the Witch King and Queen! Go if you must stay if you like, but do so in peace! Hail and farewell!”

The words of power used:
The barbarous words are all taken from the greek magical papyri,
Aoth Abraoth Basym Isak Sabaoth Iao – This is from the Stele of Jeu the Hieroglyphist in the PGM and is used to give one’s self-authority over the daemons. “Aoth Abraoth Basym Isak Sabaoth Iao, Subject unto me all daemons, so that every daemon, whether heavenly or aerial or earthly or subterranean or terrestrial or aquatic, might be obedient to me and every enchantment and scourge which is from God.”

Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi – This is from the mysteries of Eleusis and means “Away, away, be all ye profane.”

IO ERBETH IO PAKERBETH IO BOLKHOSETH – is often associated with Typhonic and Sethian spells.

AKTIOPHIS ERESHKIGAL NEBOUTOSOUALETH – is often used in spells invoking Hekate, Selene, and Artemis.

HIPPOCHTHON PYREPEGANYX – is often used to empower spells and give bitter necessity to them by opening the gates of the underworld and calling forth those loyal to the lords of the underworld, here is a cool blog on these words I found by Vicky Newton 2018that postulates a possible translation may be “Sing the song of wisdom o’ hosts of hades; speak, o’ oracle of the mountains, and call forth the children of the earth mare, come split the earth asunder o’ Lords of Fire.”

AH-EH-AY-EE-OH-OUW-AW – These are the phonetic sounds of the greek vowels which pertain to the seven planets of the chaldeans respectively, Luna, Mercury, Venus, Sol, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. They are often used in this order to call things to you.

I have also included the Hebrew words pertaining to Astaroth, Beelzebub, and Lucifer. These are ASHTAROTH, BAAL, and HEYLEL respectively. ASHTAROTH – this refers to Astaroth or Astarte the Goddess of the Phoenicians, it is also sometimes used to just say, Goddess. BAAL is an honorific title given to gods meaning Lord or owner. In this case, Baal Zebub, meaning lord of the fliers. Instead of giving the full name, I used just the honorific so that Ashtoreth is Goddess, and Baal is lord. Then we finally have Heylel pertaining to Lucifer which means Light Bearer or Shining one. So the three together = Goddess, Lord, Light Bearer.

And finally, I have included the four cardinal kings seen throughout the grimoire tradition Egyn, Oriens, Amaymon, and Paymon, including them with the three ruling demons of the Grimorium Verum above creates a wonderful Hierarchy.

The Hierarchy:
Lucifer, Beelzebub, Astaroth
Egyn, Oriens, Amaymon, Paymon
The spirit to be called.

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