The Four Stages of Learning and How They Apply to Magick

Unconscious Incompetence Examples of being in the unconscious incompetence stage include not understanding the fundamental principles of magick, not knowing the correspondences for different herbs, crystals, or colors, and not realizing the importance of intention and visualization in spellwork. You can recognize that you're in this stage if you find yourself making basic mistakes or... Continue Reading →

A Witches Circle Casting

I get asked quite often how to cast a circle for doing witchcraft. There are innumerable ways to do this, however, to have a quick reference to send people to, I decided to share the way that I currently do it when I am casting a traditional witches' circle, rather than a compass.Needs: Altar, 1... Continue Reading →

A note on petitions

An answer to a student I gave today about petitions that is useful for everyone. Always try to be specific with your petitions otherwise unforeseen things can occur. Magic is like water, it will take the quickest easiest path always. So for example instead of saying: "I want my boyfriend to have the most amount... Continue Reading →

What is Drycraft?

Drycraft:Derived from old english drycræftNoun Definition: One who practices magick. Drycraft predates the use of the word wiccecræft, the word that became the modern “witchcraft”, and was lost to time. It is the word that never was, and the word that now rises from the ashes of antiquity like the great phoenix.The word wiccecræft became... Continue Reading →

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