Hekate Invocation

I call upon the great goddess of many names, many forms and many faces,

She who is of the earth, heavens, and hades,

The starry mistress of the unseen world,

The one who changes between the 28 shapes and chases the sun,

Unconquerable goddess of the three worlds and breaker of the chains,

Titaness, Goddess, merciful and terrible one,

Who has her seat in olympus and hades and is feared and loved by gods and men,

silence, a popping sound, a groaning, hissing, a cry of joy, moaning, barking, bellowing, neighing, a musical sound, a sounding wind, a wind-creating sound, a coercive sound, a coercive emanation from perfection.

Ox! Vulture! Bull! Beetle! Falcon! Crab! Dog! Wolf! Serpent! Horse! She-Goat! Asp! He-Goat! Baboon! Cat! Lion! Leopard! Fieldmouse! Deer! Multiform, virgin, torch, lightning, garland, a herald’s wand, child, key:

I have said your signs and symbols of your name so that you might hear me, Because I pray to you, Mistress of the whole world. Hear me, you, the Stable One, the Mighty One.

You who with the triple forms of triple Graces Dance in revel with the stars!




Shower me with your boons and make happiness and wealth flow to me with ease that I may have the means lift others out of the pit and into grace

You are Justice, and the Moira’s threads: Klotho and Lakhesis and Atropos;

Weave misfortune out of my thread and weave health, wealth, and abundance into the tapestry of my life

Three-headed, You’re Tisiphone, Megaira, Alleckto;

Protect me from my enemies and deliver justice swiftly when they move against me, may those who seek to harm me never rest and be reduced to ash

Many formed, you who arm your hands with dreaded, murky lamps;

Cast a light on my shadow and teach me to become more than I am

Who shake the locks of fearful serpents on your brow;

Who sounds the roar of bulls from out your mouths;

Whose womb is decked out with the scales of creeping things

Cast terror into any who work against me, and comfort me with the sanctity of your embrace

With poisonous rows of serpents down your back:

Bound down your backs with horrifying chains;

Break all the bonds placed upon me and clear every obstacle in my way

Night-Crier! Bull-faced! Loving solitude! Bull-headed!

You have the eyes of bulls, the voice of dogs;

You hide your forms in the shanks of lions;

Your ankle is wolf-shaped;

fierce dogs are dear to you And so they call you Hekate!

I call to you! Great and terrible goddess!

Aktiophis, Ereshkigal, Neboutosoueleth

Adamantaea the Unconquerable and Untamable Goddess grant me strength of mind and body

Anassa Eneroi Queen of the Dead, connect me to the witches of the past and the mighty dead

Borborophorba Eater of Filth conquer my crossed conditions and make my disease and misfortune your food

Brimô angry and terrifying one, destroy my enemies and lay waste to my self sabotage

Khthonia open the doors of the earthly realms and teach me the witchcraft of the earth, introduce me to the daimones and fortify my sorcery

Empyrios open the doors to the heavenly realms and introduce me to the spirits of above

Enodia Of the crossroads open the path before me and remove every obstacle in my way, teach me the sacred sorcery of the crossroads and grant introduction to the spirits of the ways

Kleidouchos keeper of the keys, open the doors to opportunity, wealth, and happiness, and lock the doors of misfortune, grant me the key to understanding the sacred magicks.

Medeousa protect me from my enemies and all manner of malefica

Oistroplaneia confuse my enemies and scatter them to the winds

Paiônios heal me of my ailments and grant me abundant health

Phôsphoros light my way down the path and guide me to the sacred magics and use your light to blind any who should work against me

Propylaia open the gate to the witches world and guide me through

Sôteira teach me to become more than I am, show me the ways to become my best self, transform my faults into strengths

Trioditis teach me the ways of the three worlds and the three paths

Zootrophos grant me a bountiful life

Great and wonderful, horrible and monstrous Hekate,

I have called your many names and spoken of your many faces,

Hear my words and grant me my request

( insert petition )




I thank you Titaness, goddess of above and below, teacher of witchcraft and sorcery, the great and terrible, frightening and beautiful Hekate, for your many blessings and your loving embrace. Please accept my humble offerings in thanks and gratitude for your powerful and ineffable presence and intercession.

Offer incense, a candle, and a libation.

For larger requests consider eggs and honey, garlic, and / or pomegranate

Repeat 3 or 9x

Based on PGM VII 756-94 and PGM IV. 2785-2890

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